The Upgrade Of An Old Favorite

By Madan Sharma for Maruti Alto 800 2016-2019

My grandfather owned a Maruti Suzuki 800 when I was very little. I remember once hiding in the boot of the car to go his office with him. Those were the good days. And it was a good car in all its beige glory and grey interiors. The car still can be seen with a lot of people who still adore it. But with time you need more and to give more, Maruti changed the car altogether and gave buyers the new- Alto 800. The new 800 to be precise.

I took my grandfather for a test drive of this new car just to revisit the old days. It is nothing like the old 80 though. With its new smarter edgier design, the car looks a bit boxy but the slightly curvy corners make you forget it. The new tail lights are exuberant but the older suspension, brakes and the wheelbase have been carried forward from the original 800.

The dashboard is however new and the seats come with colored fabric. Fancy and quirky! The engine responds very well to your throttle input and the gear shifts are good too. Typical of Maruti Suzuki. The car is a bit lighter though which makes it a bit difficult to drive on higher speed. But with a hatchback you have to careful.

Nevertheless, we were both hit with nostalgia and I forgot the scolding I got for I scared the whole neighborhood for some time.

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